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7 Day Immunity-Boosting Juices

It’s crucial to keep our immunity in tip-top shape during this crucial COVID-19 period. Our immune system is constantly active, figuring out which cells belong to your body and which don’t. This means the immune system needs a healthy dose of nutrients to keep it energy going. We have planned 7 Day Immunity-Boosting juices and give you the recipes that are packed with essential nutrients for everyday health.


The Back-to-Basic Detox

Start your new week right with this simple combination on Monday morning. This classic combination of apples, carrots, and a pinch of ginger is great for helping your body boost its immune system.

The tartness of apples helps to balance out the carrot juice, and the addition of ginger gently kick-starts your system into shape. Bringing this juice up a notch? Add a dash of sacha inchi oil into it. By doing so, you are adding in protein and healthy fatty acids – Omega 3, 6 &9.

Recipe: 2 Carrots + 2 Apples + 2 Tablespoons Ginger + 1 Tablespoon Sacha Inchi Oil


The Hydration Boost

Working from home is making you feeling under the weather? Find yourself dehydrated when you whip up this concoction. Lettuce, cucumber, and celery have up to 96% water content and replenishes your body’s water levels quickly.

Recipe: Half Cucumber + 2 cups Lettuce + 2 Celery stalks + 2 Apples + 1 Orange


The Energy Lift

Boost your midweek energy with this natural energy booster – a power-packed beetroot juice.

This recipe uses all of the beetroots including its leaves and is packed with beta0cartene and vitamin C. You may add ginger for a zing or sacha inchi oil for added aroma.

Recipe: 2 Beetroots (with leaves) + 2 Carrots + 1 Orange + Optional: Ginger or Sacha Inchi Oil


The 3+2+1 Meal

We inevitably skip a meal now and then because of working from home. Whatever your reason is, rather than feeding it with junk food, or no food at all, treat your body with a good meal replacement.

Just a simple 3 cups of green + 2 cups of liquid + 1 cup of fruit blend makes a tasty and filling juice or smoothie that will wade you through your next meal. Here are some ideas to mix and match:
Greens: Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery & Kale
Liquid: Coconut water, Milk, Inca Tea & Water
Fruit: Banana, Papaya, Pineapple, Pear & Apple

Recipe: 3 cups of Green + 2 cups of Liquid + 1 cup of Fruit


The TGIF Boost

This juice celebrates and gets you into that TGIF mood. This popular fruit is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and other helpful compounds, such as enzymes that can fight against inflammation and disease.

Unlike other fruit blends, this boost is so sweet on its own that often no sugar needs to be added. The addition of a ginger kick start your immune system and sacha inchi oil nourish it with healthy fatty acids.

Recipe: ½ Pineapple + ½ cup of Soy Milk + 2 Tablespoons Ginger + 1 Tablespoon Sacha Inchi Oil


The Glow Juice

Get yourself glowing and going on Saturday morning as this juice is all about the combination of antioxidants, making it great to have for glowing skin.

Carrots, apples, and orange are the winning combination for helping your body protect itself and fight off infections. The tartness of the green apple cuts through the sweetness of the carrots and oranges.

Recipe: 2 Carrots + 1 Green Apple + 1 Orange


The Immune System Kick

This power combo is just what you need to refresh your mind and body for a new week. Ginger’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help to combat the onset of illnesses.

The additional vitamins A, B, C, and D from the carrots and orange also help to boost your body’s defence.

Recipe: 4 Small Carrots + 1 Orange + Half Lemon + 1 piece Ginger


Make use of your WFH and start your day off with a refreshing boost to your body’s natural defences. It is one of the tastier ways to stay healthy. But no matter what juice you like, you can always add other superfoods such as sacha inchi nuts and chia seeds for more health benefits.

Other ways to keeps your immune system strong includes practising good hygiene, staying hydrated, and exercising frequently.

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