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Most people derive their confidence from their hair. It’s one of the first things people note when they meet you for the first time, and having a good hair day can really affect how your day goes. So here’s how to take care of your hair and reduce the number of bad hair days you may have.


1. Protect your hair

The elements do not go easy on your hair. The sun, the wind and the rain will cause harm to your hair if you allow them to. Exposure to excessive sun may cause the over-drying of the scalp, or frizzy fair, just like when you use a curler or a hair dryer for too long. Rain and wind may introduce pollutants into your scalp and cause infections.

Therefore, wear a hat or use an umbrella where possible.


2. Deal carefully with wet hair

Wet hair breaks easily, if you didn’t already know, as the shafts and the roots of your hair become more vulnerable. Don’t scrub too hard when you’re bathing and shampooing. After you’re done with your bath, don’t towel dry your hair too harshly or brush it. Use a shower cap if you have to.

Also, just a little tip: washing your hair with cold water is better, as the heat from hot water will also affect your hair adversely.


3. Condition regularly

Use a conditioner every time you shower. This will prevent frizzy hair. How you condition your hair is also important. Conditioners are meant for the hair, not the scalp; so try not to allow it onto your scalp to prevent excessive oiliness.

Furthermore, try to use the same line of conditioners and shampoos, as they were made to complement each other, for a specific hair type and a specific purpose. This will in turn produce better results for your hair.


4. Eat healthy

Certain nutrients like vitamins, iron and proteins are essential for your hair growth and health. If you’re healthy on the inside, the better your hair will be too. Of course, the foods you should have in your diet for healthy hair includes but are not limited to: spinach, tangerines, lentils, salmon, oatmeal, guava.


5. Take hair supplements

Photo: Incarich

Aside from eating healthy food for the nutrients you need for healthy hair, you can also turn to taking supplements. Supplements will provide the nutrients your hair may lack, in order for it to growth healthily. Supplements have a wide range of effects, from helping your hair grow to preventing hair loss, so do choose wisely before taking your supplements!

The Sacha Inchi Oil Softgel can help deliver nutrient-rich omegas to the scalp and hair follicle, which in turn, aids in healthy hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acids present in SachaInchi, which is the highest amongst any known foods, will help to lock in hydration in your hair, prevent sun damage and repair most of the damages that may occur.