Diayamond 11


Diayamond 11

Diayamond 11 – a fusion of concentrated plant-based enzyme that is made with beauty and health in mind. Careful selected 80 types of  wild grass, fruits, vegetables and seaweeds are fermented with traditional pot method to produce digestive enzymes that aid in nutrient absorption. It is good for health and skin.

Diayamond 11 is made in Japan.

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About Diayamond 11

Diayamond 11 Enzyme Sachets – rich compounding of 80 types of carefully selected plant materials with a focus on wild grass with strong life energy and are difficult to consume on a daily basis. It is fermented and concentrated in traditional pot manufacturing method to ensure that the nutrients are 100% conserved.


Consume 1 – 2 sachets directly per day


Store in a cool place away from sunlight and high temperature


56 types of wild grass, 11 types of fruits, 11 types of vegetables and 2 types of seaweeds

Supplement Facts

Diayamond 11 (Net weight: 150g)

Serving Size: 10g per sachets

Nutrition facts
Per serving
Energy 33.6 kcal
Protein 0.35 g
Lipid 0.03 g
Carbohydrate 7.99 g
Sodium 0.022 g

Additional information

Inca Collagen:

1 Box, 2 Boxes


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