Longevity Set


Longevity Set

User into this Chinese New Year and send good wishes, health and joy to your loved ones with our Longevity Set!

What’s in this set:
– 4 bottles of Inca Oil 250ML
– 2 boxes of Inca Tea (Original)

Chinese New Year Set ends on 8 Feb 2020, 2359hrs.


Retail Price : $320.00 $168.00


 Inca Oil

Our Inca Oil is a 100% pure extra virgin seed oil and mechanically cold-pressed from the organic raw Sacha Inchi Seeds. Our seeds are harvested by the natives in South East Asia like Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It contains the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids that is beneficial for our overall human health. Inca Oil is also organic and will be a great addition to your daily diet.

Inca Tea

Cultivated in the Peruvian Amazon for many centuries, Inca Tea is a tasty, healthy and caffeine-free alternative to your regular cuppa. Manufactured in Singapore, we take great care to ensure that every step of the process is completely organic. It is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A and E, Iodine, Calcium and Protein that is beneficial for overall health.

Now, you can enjoy a cup of high-quality Inca Tea at the comfort of your home.

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