“I started taking Incarich Sacha Inchi Oil Softgels 1 year ago after being recommended by my friend who knew that I have diabetes and high cholesterol. After taking for two months, my LDL “bad” cholesterol levels had decreased while my HDL “good” cholesterol has increased! ”

Michael, Store Supervisor, 60-year-old
Incarich Sacha Inchi Oil Softgels

“Incarich Sacha Inchi Oil Softgel is plant-source rich in Omega 3 that I can rely on in the market! This oil is the supplement for vegetarians like myself that do not eat fish or enough Omega-rich vegetables.”

Mdm Ang, Housewife, 45-year-old Incarich
Sacha Inchi Oil Softgels

“After drinking Sacha Inchi tea for a month, I find that I have more restful sleep during the night. Not only the leaves smell aromatic, thanks to its unusually high content of tryptophan also aids in keeping my appetite in check and thus result in weight loss.”

John Lim, Outdoor Sales Executive, 33-year-old
Incarich Sacha Inchi Tea