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Top 8 Nuts to Snack on for Better Health

Nuts are healthy snack options, especially now that we work from home.

Though they’re usually high in fat, the fat they contain is a healthy type. They’re also good sources of fibre and protein. Researches have shown that nuts provide various health benefits, especially in regards to reducing heart disease risk factors.

Here are 8 nuts that we should snack on and their health benefits.

1) Sacha Inchi Nuts

Sacha inchi nuts are much more than just pleasant snack food. These nuts are rich in protein, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin A &E, and fibre. This superfood is easily digested and unlikely to cause allergies or irritation.

Sacha inchi nuts lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol. It also improves circulation while lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation throughout our body. All of this makes for a healthier, happier, and less stressed cardiovascular system, from arteries to heart and beyond.

2) Almonds

Almonds are tree nuts that contain several beneficial nutrients. It may improve cholesterol levels. Certain studies have found that eating an almond-rich diet can reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and oxidized LDL cholesterol, which is particularly harmful to heart health.

Consuming almonds as part of a low-calorie diet may aid weight loss and lower blood pressure in people who are overweight or obese. Also, eating a meal with 28 grams of almonds may help lower the rise in blood sugar.

3) Pistachios

Pistachios are commonly consumed nut that is high in fibre. Similarly to almonds, pistachios may improve cholesterol levels – eating 56 – 84 grams of pistachios a day help increase “good” HDL cholesterol.

Pistachios also may help improve other heart disease risk factors, like blood pressure. What’s more, pistachios help reduce the rise in blood sugar after a meal.

4) Walnuts

Walnuts are another popular nut and an excellent source of Omega fatty acids. It appears to improve several heart disease risk factors, which may be due to its high content of ALA and other nutrients.

Studies have shown that eating walnuts significantly reduced total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol levels. In addition, walnuts improve other factors related to heart health and reduce inflammation, which can contribute to many chronic diseases.

5) Cashews

Cashews are part of the tree nut family and have a good nutrient profile. Studies have shown that diets high in cashews may increase blood sugar in people with metabolic syndrome. Cashews can also increase the antioxidant potential of the diet.

A diet rich in cashews reduced blood pressure and increased level of “good” HDL cholesterol. However, it has no significant effects on body weight or blood sugar levels.

6) Pecans

Pecans are often used in desserts, but they’re quite nutritious on their own. Similar to the other nuts, pecans can lower “bad” LDL cholesterol in people with normal cholesterol levels.

Like other nuts, pecans also contain polyphenols, which are compounds that act as antioxidants. In one study, people who ate pecans as 20% of their daily calorie intake showed improved antioxidant profiles in their blood.

7) Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts contain a wide range of nutrients and are a great source of monounsaturated fats. Many of the health benefits of macadamia nuts are related to heart health because of its high content of monounsaturated fats.

Macadamia nuts can lower both total cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol in those with high cholesterol levels. Also, macadamia nuts may reduce other risk factors for heart disease, including oxidative stress and inflammation.

8) Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are known for being very nutritious. Like many other nuts, hazelnuts have beneficial effects on heart disease risk factors. Studies found that a hazelnut-rich diet reduced total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Hazelnuts also lower inflammation and improve blood vessel function. Diet rich in hazelnuts can improve cholesterol levels and increase the amount of vitamin E in the blood.


Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can snack on as they contain a wide range of essential nutrients. However, their beneficial effects are attributed to nuts that have been minimally processed and have no added ingredients.

When incorporating into a healthy diet, nuts may help reduce risk factors of many chronic diseases. Purchases your nutty Sacha inchi nuts to snack on now @ 20%* – Limited Time Only! Promo code: STAYHOME20

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