Sacha Inchi Plantations

Sacha Inchi is a woody vine that grows up to about 1,700 meters above sea level. The vine is trained along wires, similar to grape vines, which allow for easy picking of the fruit.


The Sacha Inchi fruit is star shaped with 3 to 7 points, each point containing a little seed. The fruit is a vibrant green color until it matures and turns brown. When dried and brown, the seed is ready to be harvested.

The process

The outer Husk and Hull of the Sacha Inchi fruit is mechanically removed to reveal the white seed. The seed contains all of the Omega Oil and Protein.

Removal of the outer Husk and Hull

Sacha Inchi fruit is feed into the top of the machine, the fibrous outer husk is then removed leaving a seed in a tight dark hull, this seed is again feed through the machine and the hull is also removed leaving a white seed.

Expelling of the Oil

The Sacha Inchi seeds are then mechanically cold pressed to extract the oil and all its rich goodness.

Bottling of the Oil

The Sacha Inchi Oil is then filtered and bottled immediately for maximum freshness.