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Definitely recommend the Sacha Inchi Oil softgels. My Dad had been taking this since April 2020 and his blood pressure and cholesterol had drop to almost normal level during during his last health check up in Jan 2021!

Wen Shin / A Happy Client

I have been using sacha inchi oil softgels from Incarich for almost a year. Love the product as my combination skin texture improved and also helped control my weight. The buying experience from Incarich’s website is seamless and customer service is also very friendly. Thumbs up!

Sue / A Happy Client

My mom n l have been taking sacha inchi oil for 2 yrs. We find that bowel movement has improved. Our tummies are smaller too.

Stella / A Happy Client

My boss recommended Sacha Inchi Oil to me. These fatty acids contribute to good health for heart, eyes, brain, bones, skin and hair. It has significantly helps lowers my high cholesterol levels. I have lose 6kg in 3 months.

Joshua / A Happy Client

I was recommended Inca Oil & Tea last year by my uncle who has been using it for over two years now. He has seen great results which is also evident to us. At 60+ years of age, he looks much younger and he feels more energetic than before.

K.S Leong / A Happy Client

Used to take fish oil but saw this plant based oil. Rich in omega 3, 6 & 9 . Tried this Sacha Inchi softgels for many months already. All working well for me.

Josephine Quek / A Happy Client